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Alam Homoeo Pharmacy

Alam Homoeo Pharmacy – A trusted organization for integrated homeopathic remedy since 7th July 1950. Our goal is to offer quality services of chronic diseases as well as physical and mental disorders in a caring and convenient manner.

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Alam Homoeo Pharmacy

Alam Homoeo Pharmacy

Dr. Khorshed Alam

(1929 – 2014)

Chief Consultant,
Alam Homoeo Pharmacy

Dr. S.M Robiul Alam

Our Services

Peripheral Vascular diseases, Buerger's Gangrene, Diabetic Foot, Raynaud's disease etc.

Loss of Libido, STDs, Venereal Diseases and many other Male & Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Chronic infected wound, non-healing Ulcer, Cellulitis, Umbilical Sepsis, different types of Abscesses, Boils etc.

Migraine, Vertigo, Post CVD complications, Neurological deficit, Epilepsy, Perkinson's Disease, Writer’s Cramp, Facial Palsy etc.

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